» We’re a little old-fashioned///      when it comes to grade of service.

» We’re a little old-fashioned

when it comes to grade of service.

Stelter specializes in the production and finishing of gear wheels. We are happy to provide our gathered core competences which we get over decades to our customers.

» The unique robot-based feeder for the Höfler HF 900 hobbing machine: tailor-made for our special task rescue service.

Year by year we produce millions of gear wheels. There is a good reason why we rarely reach our performance limits. By keeping a certain free capacity, we ensure we have enough room to maneuver when designing the most effective production line, on the one hand. On the other hand, our free capacities offer our customers a guaranteed degree of flexibility and planning reserves, because we can quickly help them through unexpected bottlenecks with the machinery available to us. That’s what we call service.

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