» SQMS - the basis for for modern///               quality management.

» SQMS - the basis for for modern

quality management.

Removing errors is good, but avoiding errors is even better. That’s why we have installed the most modern measuring and testing equipment on all production systems.

» Gear wheel profiles and flanks are continuously checked on Klingelnberg CNC gear measuring centres.

The core of the system is the full end-to-end electronically supported statistic process control - the Stelter SQMS. An innovative development by Stelter. All parameters of the otherwise typical quality control cards are stored electronically and became continuously compared with the actual gear wheel data during production and they are visualized on control monitors simultaneously. At the same time, all measurement data is automatically stored so that precise documentation is available for the customer. This means that quality made by Stelter can be demonstrably traced - right down to the last detail.

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