Why do we still produce at our headquarters?

Because we are able to produce competitively with automated production processes and highly qualified employees at our base in Germany.

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Made in Bassum.

Here, 30 kilometres south of Bremen, a great deal of importance is placed on modern infrastructure. We can draw on extensive road and rail networks, and a reliable power supply and communications infrastructure.

A multitude of retail businesses with easily accessible parking and all the necessary services and utilities provide for a good quality of life. Bassum has extensive resources in terms of care and education. Numerous crèches, nurseries, primary schools and secondary schools provide a rich selection. This means that our employees from the region can also find prospects for their children at the company’s location.

Stelter is keeping an eye on the future, too. The company has secured ample space for expansion in the Karrenbruch industrial park. Consequently, “Made in Bassum” will remain a seal of quality in the decades to come.