Why are we already thinking about tomorrow today?

Because as a family business we are aware of our responsibility towards the environment, employees and commercial partners.

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Obligated towards the environment.

As a conscientious company certified to ISO 14001 and ISO 50001, sustainability and ecology are at the core of our activities. Our attention is also turned to the protection of the environment. We go about achieving the aim of conserving resources and preserving the environment in a multitude of ways.

We only process steel from which the resulting residues are melted down and reused. Our steel chips are recycled in this way on a daily basis. More than 20 tons – every day! We recycle not only the solids, but also the grinding sludge that accrues during production in our reprocessing system using a briquetting system. Otherwise, this would have to be disposed of as special waste. The oil recovered from the grinding sludge is used again in a closed cooling circuit system. For the transport of our components, we have developed a permanent packaging concept with our plastic load carriers, which omits the use of paper and cardboard as much as possible. For energy-efficient lighting of the work areas, we employ a networked system, which intelligently controls the lighting based on conditions outside.

As a partner, we are supported by certified disposal contractors regarding all recycling issues. Stelter has the clear aim of achieving fully CO₂-neutral production by 2039.

Satisfied employees are a cornerstone of a company’s success. Acquiring them, supporting them and tying them down to the company for the long term represent an important competitive factor and simultaneously a challenge for every company. Our dedicated and qualified employees boast a great deal of experience in their respective fields of expertise and give their all around the clock every day to justify the trust of our customers. We continuously invest in the educational development of our staff, while also offering the specialist workers of tomorrow highly qualified support in our modern training centre.

Stelter gears assume important functions in key technologies of the modern economy. Our customers rely on the precision products fulfilling their tasks without faults throughout their entire service life. In addition to state-of-the-art machines, it is our specialists and skilled workers who guarantee a consistently high quality standard and reliable logistics using just-in-time delivery contracts: exactly in sync with the assembly processes on the assembly lines in Germany and the entire world. With global competition, efficiency has a greater significance than ever before. We have set up our company from A to Z to work cost-efficiently, so as to offer quality products at an excellent price–performance ratio.