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… by our new trainees. The new trainee intake for this year have been with us since Monday; kitted out in the red polo shirts, as is tradition at Stelter. As always, the entire organisation is excited about the spirit our “new” young people will bring to the company. Everybody at our affiliated training centre taff! (rough German acronym for “technical training for specialist staff”) is also excited about the new troop of trainees. We welccome them individually, from left to right in the picture, Fawaz Aldakhi (Cutting Machine Operator), to the right of trainee manager Uwe Berning we can see the incoming Industrial Mechanic Daniel Paul, third from left is Ervinas Grabauskas, taking up the role of Machine and System Operator, with a rather serious-looking face; and then next to him is Nils Rolappe. In Shirley Hinrichsen we are delighted to welcome another female trainee. She is training to become a Cutting Machine Operator. Lastly on the far right we have Nacirfan Arfat, who provides reinforcement for the Machine and System Operator team. Sadly not in the photo today are Lars Poppe, Machine and System Operator, and our incoming Industrial Clerk, Sebastian Fotek. A big hearty welcome to our young colleagues! We are thrilled to accompany you on your career paths.

Incidentally, we still have the chance to take on more trainees! Anyone wanting to apply at short notice can do so by sending an email to We will gladly consider if we can make it happen!